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Quality Draw Downs . . . Made Easy

Sample-Ease® is the location for all your draw down needs. We are the industry leader in innovation and always put our customers needs first.

SE System

The patented Sample-Ease®; System is unique and simple-to-use, allowing quick and accurate draw downs to be made in almost any environment.

System Cards

The innovative 4-part perforated draw down card is designed specifically for the paint retailer's color sampling needs. The dipper and excess paint tabs ensure quick samples and a clean work area. The store and customer sections organize your formula record keeping and give the customer a sample of their color, and your store's address.

Test Charts

Sample-Ease® is the leader when it comes to paint test chart technology. All of our charts are premium card stock coated with an environmentally friendly UV cured top coating. We always have the most popular charts in stock and ship orders the same day.


Sample-Ease® offers two cutting edge products in the form of the ColorView lighting booth and the Resource 1 draw down machine. These two products offer state-of-the-art technology that results in reduced costs, improved quality, and superior customer service.

TWO FREE draw down bars with 1st purchase of Sample-Ease® Kit #SE-710

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